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God's Remembrance: Paradise of this world | Mufti Abdur-Rahman ibn Yusuf

In this talk, the salik is reminded on being regular in their dhikr regimen. Shaykh mentions that for the one who has abandoned the dhikr, their similitude is like the one who has deserted their plantation field. Just as a field needs cultivating for it to prosper and become fruitful, likewise, if the salik desires for a sound heart which is constantly occupied in the thoughts of their Lord then he or she must exert effort in their dhikr. For some servants Allah opens up for them the doors of Paradise in this world. And this is when their hearts find delight in His remembrance (reciting the Qur'an, muraqaba..) This delight is such that a pious saint has claimed that “if the kings knew the happiness and pleasure we feel in our hearts, they would fight us with their swords”.

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