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Islamic Videos for Kids
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Importance of Islamic Videos for Kids

As children grown up, they influenced by the environment in which they grow. It is very unfortunate that it is very difficult to say that the majority of the time Muslim children have suffered by effects that go against the Muslim values. These effects may be in the form of their school education, television and internet programs, the friends they keep, magazines and books they read. Muslim children who have to live in this environment must have a good understanding of their religion. This understanding is the basic tool for them to live a prosper life in this society.

Beneficial Knowledge in every aspect

This is one of the best known website, which covers all areas and aspects of Islamic videos for kids which gives importance of authentic Islamic Knowledge, every effort has been made to ensure that the material presented on this website should be authentic. In addition, these Islamic videos are more beneficial to children other than those children who live in an environment where Islam is practiced completely. Our Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) says, “No father can give his child anything better than good manners.”

Responsibility of the parents

More and more Muslim parents of the world have a great desire to give their kids best standards of living. These standards are in all aspects of life, either educational, religious, health, or related to entrainment. Being parents, it is their responsibility as well to get aware their children about Islam and helping them to achieve a good understanding of it. The Companions of our Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) says, “We never saw anyone who was more compassionate towards children than Allah’s Messenger (peace is upon him). His son Ibrahim was in the care of a wet nurse in the hills around Medina. He would go there, we would go with him, and he would enter the house, pick up his son and kiss him, then come back.”

Most effective extracurricular activity

With the help of the videos of our website we basically sets the minds of children according to Islam, to signify the statement of faith with the real meaning of La Ilaha Illa Allah, and what position it should hold in our lives explain the importance of basic concepts of Islam. For example, with the help of these videos we can easily stimulate children’s understanding, practice of prayer through playful, and by simultaneously talking to them about fast in the month Ramadan, explain them what is Hajj and what is Zakat? How to treat with parents companions and relatives? What is the difference between good and evil? Not only the understanding will be easy, also with the help of these videos, it is our aim to promote healthy extracurricular activities in the schoolchildren.

The striking feature in the videos is the colorful artwork, which is appealing for children, which certainly attract children’s attention, stimulate them, amuse them, and educate them as well. Behind the videos of our website, there is an aim to acquaint the student with the teachings of Islam in every aspect: beliefs, practices, and moral conduct. These videos with, with their unique features, certainly fill a gap in this area, which had been partially neglected by parents and guardians.

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Islamic Videos for Kids

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