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Zaky's Bee Song

Zaky's Bee Song is from Episode 4 of Zaky's Learning Club.

Song written and produced by Subhi Alshaik.
Performed by Zaky (Subhi Alshaik), Sumaya Alshaik & Suhaila Alshaik

To watch the full episode of Zaky's Learning Club, please subscribe to and support the work we are doing for our children so we can continue producing more children’s programmes inshallah.

Zaky's Learning Club is a brand new children's television series produced by One 4 Kids TV. It teaches children about many aspects of their Islamic faith. It features Zaky, Kazwa, Toofa and friends with lots of songs and colourful animations.
Zaky's Learning Club will be an ongoing series that we hope to keep improving inshallah. Alhumdulilah Zaky's Learning Club is finally here and can now be seen on!

Episode four of Zaky's Learning Club features:
Letter of the Day with Toofa - Qaaf
Where’s Kazwa? - The Amazon
99 Names of ALLAH - 10-12
Counting with Kazwa - Number 7
Amazing Creation of Allah - Bees
Count Blessing of Allah - Eyes to See
Guess What the Insect Is?
That's What Muhammad Said - Learning Quran
Arabic Insects
Five Daily Prayers - 12 Sunnah Prayers
Islamic Months - Shawwal
Let's Recite Quran - Suratul Ikhlas
We Remember Allah - Dua for Undressing
Zaky's Mail

New songs, segments and characters will be introduced regularly inshallah.

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Produced and directed by Subhi Alshaik
Edited by Abdul Rahman Alshaik & Subhi Alshaik
Written by Mustapha Hendriks, Muhammad Al-Bizry and Subhi Alshaik

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