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Why You Cannot be without a Dhikr Regimen | Mufti Abdur-Rahman ibn Yusuf

In order to attain maximum benefit from the daily dhikr regimen Shaykh Abdur-Rahman advises that the seeker must set a specific time either during the day or night to devote to these practises. These daily supplements are vital for the life of the spiritual body just as water is vital for the survival of any living organism. These supplements help the seeker to tackle and withhold the trials and challenges of today’s modern society. If they are missed, a weakness will appear in the person and this weakness can only be treated once the supplement is retaken. The Shaykh then mentions that one of the main objectives for the seeker is that they should understand their boundaries and stay away from that which is unlawful. If this is trespassed then the ones righteous deeds will only become spoilt.

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