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Learn Arabic - The Letter MEEM with Toofa from Zaky's Learning Club

Let's learn the Letter MEEM with Toofa!

This video from Episode 5 of the new TV series, Zaky's Learning Club. If you would like to watch more episodes then please download the FREE One4Kids TV app to watch hundreds of videos.

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Episode 5 of Zaky's Learning Club features:

Letter of the Day with Toofa - Meem
Where’s Kazwa? - Makkah
99 Names of ALLAH - 13-15
Counting with Kazwa - Number 3
Amazing Creation of Allah - Lions
Count Blessing of Allah - Ears to hear
Kazwa's Masjid Song
That's What Muhammad Said - Going to the Masjid
Arabic Transports
Let's Recite Quran - Suratun Nas
Poem book - Manners
We Remember Allah - Dua for entering Masjid
Zaky's Mail

This episode was sponsored by Ceylon Exchange.
Produced and directed by Subhi Alshaik
Edited by Abdul Rahman Alshaik & Subhi Alshaik
Written by Muhammad Al-Bizry and Subhi Alshaik

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