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12 - The People Of The Garden

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And the story relates to a righteous man, a pious upright person that allah swt had blessed with a lot of wealth, and he had a lot of gardens, a lot of farms, a lot of wealth, a lot of assets, and this righteous man, he had children, that he was people of allah swt, conscious of allah swt, mindful of allah swt’s obligations upon him, and what he used he to do every year with all the fruits and the vegetables and the crops that they used to harvest, that at the time of harvest, every year, he will take what is enough for him and for his children and for his family for the whole year, but this garden was so wealthy, so luscious that there’s always more and everything that is extra from what they need, for the year he will give away in zakah and in Sadaqah and in charity to the poor, and this what is what he did every year of his life, and the children, his sons was always watching that, most of them weren’t happy of the action of their father, the vast majority of his children wanted the entire crops, the entire fruits and the vegetables that the seasons harvest stays with them, for them to keep, for them to sell, for them to make money that it became a custom that at the end of the season the poor and the needy will be waiting at the farm or waiting at the garden of that father for them to take and for them to gain whatever the father or this righteous man would give them, but then the father died, and when the father died the children got together, and now they’re in control of that garden, they are in control of that wealth, they are the owners of the garden, so what did they do, they get together and they speak to each other and they say, well we need to stop this practise that we disapprove of and time of our father, when he was wasting our wealth away, he was just you know squandering our money, our money belongs to us and there is our father he would just give it away and had he not do that we would be very wealthy family,

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